• IP40
  • IK04
  • LED 4000ºK
  • Duration 1h
  • Batteries: Ni-Mh. Ecological and recyclable
  • Applications: Indoor. Decorative.
  • Work type: Maintained (double function: emergency and normal lighting).
  • System available: Standard, Self-Test and Addressable Wireless
  • Viewing distance: 34 – 44m
  • Digital printed Methacrylate. Double sided exit sign
  • Mounting options: ceiling (surface, recessed, suspended), wall (surface, flag)
  • Slave luminaire for Centralized System Battery


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Technical information
LLE Ceiling Recessed Mounting LLS Ceiling Suspended Mounting LLT Surface Ceiling Mounting
LLB Wall flag Mounting LLM Surface Wall Mounting

Vision Dist.Type*Dur. (h)Battery Units / A/hUnits BoxStandard Ref.Photometric Ref.Self-Test Ref.Self-Test CurveRef. WirelessAddressable Wireless Curve
34M14 x 1.11LLB3350ECPLLB3350EXPLLB3350EDPW
44M14 x 1.11LLB3450ECPLLB3450EXPLLB3450EDPW
34M14 x 1.11LLE3350ECPLLE3350EXPLLE3350EDPW
34M14 x 1.11LLM3350ECPLLM3350EXPLLM3350EDPW
44M14 x 1.11LLM3450ECPLLM3450EXPLLM3450EDPW
34M14 x 1.11LLS3350ECPLLS3350EXPLLS3350EDPW
44M14 x 1.11LLS3450ECPLLS3450EXPLLS3450EDPW
34M14 x 1.11LLT3350ECPLLT3350EXPLLT3350EDPW
44M14 x 1.11LLT3450ECPLLT3450EXPLLT3450EDPW

*M: Maintained. The luminaire operates from the normal or emergency supply at all material time.

It is supplied with a complete set of pictograms:


More information about our systems: AutoTest y Wireless

Download installation manual, electrical connection / test and instructions for use:

Lumina LLB

Standard SystemSelf-Test SystemWireless System

Lumina LLE

Sistema EstándarSelf-Test SystemWireless System

Lumina LLM

Sistema EstándarSelf-Test SystemWireless System

Lumina LLS

Sistema EstándarSelf-Test SystemWireless System

Lumina LLT

Sistema EstándarSelf-Test SystemWireless System