Engineering and Design in emergency lighting for your Project

LEDs based on semiconductors that directly transform electric current into light. 80% more efficient than any other light source.

More ecological
More ecological

Emergency luminaires that meet minimum consumption criteria, using materials and no contaminants components, respecting the environment.

More efficient
More efficient

Energy efficient systems that allow to obtain a significant reduction of consumption, keeping its services of quality and level of lighting.

Less maintenance
Less maintenance

Emergency management and control systems that allow periodic maintenance wireless, with low installation costs and minimizing faults.


LED technology that integrates into the architecture

The most advanced technology applied to emergency lighting

Efficiency and design

Produced with state-of-the-art materials, Spazio is one of Zemper’s most efficient luminaires in terms of consumption and performance.


Quality and Certifications

We design quality products, with high and effective yields. That is why our products have the most demanding certifications in Europe.

What really matters

Since 1967 designing and manufacturing emergency lighting. That is our best guarantee and excellence is our day to day. We know what really matters in Emergency Lighting.

Manufactured luminaires

Emergency Lighting Projects

Commercial presence

Zemper offers the most complete range of emergency luminaires

We cover all the options and needs in emergency lighting required by the market:

• Full range of emergency lighting

• Signaling – exit signs

• Explosion proof

• Luminaires suitable for low temperature and cold rooms

• Hospital range

• Pathlighting

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