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Zemper offers a comprehensive range of luminaires that meet even the most demanding needs.

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Constant innovation, development and progress

Zemper's the first company to develop numerous innovations aimed at improving the luminaires aesthetic and technical level (quick assembly systems, lighting control flow elements, flow regulation etc.).


Environmental Sustainability

By reducing the consumption, our lighting management system substantially reduces emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

Our lighting management system respects the existing directives on energy performance of buildings. Hence both new constructions and refurbishment meet the established energy efficiency standards.


Excellence in Quality

We have been certified by the AENOR ER mark, an internationally recognised certification, that guarantees our management systems.

In addition, we have over 450 references with AENOR N mark (for quality products and services) and ENEC (the high quality European Mark for electrical products that demonstrates compliance with European standards), as well as more than 50 references with specific French NF mark.

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